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Hi, We're Native Black Farm


About Us

Growing Sustainable Cannabis.

Native Black Farm is a black-owned, certified hemp-growing farm in Bessemer, Alabama. Under the research of engineer Antoine Mordican, the company has adopted a “measured and managed” strategy to produce organic, sustainably sourced cannabis for a wide variety of needs. Using his signature hydroponics growth method, Antoine meticulously produces the best product money can buy while thoroughly educating his clients on the process from start to finish.

We're Cultivators

Each seed is unique and full of new possibilities. It’s our goal to engineer the perfect amount of care, patience, and expertise to unlock that potential and produce a more quality plant with each harvest.

We're Educators

Each plant has a unique story, so our research and experiments have to be just as distinctive. We continuously push beyond industry trends and formulas to refine our expertise while sharing it openly and honestly with you.

We're Family

Our farm is founded, owned, and operated on the principles of unconditional love and unrelenting teamwork. We pour our hard work into building with great intention because each harvest is part of our generational legacy.

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