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Engineer / Farmer / Consultant

The world may debate about what hemp should be used for, but Antoine Mordican is dedicated to becoming an expert in where it comes from. Through research and “measured and managed” experiments, this master engineer has developed a signature method to grow premium cannabis using hydroponics. Today, his certified hemp-growing farm, Native Black Farm, is Birmingham’s source for the best organic, sustainable hemp that money can buy.

Originally from the west side of Chicago, Mordican migrated to the south for better opportunities to further his education. He landed at Alabama A&M University, pursuing finance, but he quickly discovered the field wasn’t challenging enough for him. He shifted his studies and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering before heading to Colombia Southern to get his MBA in project management. After entering the corporate world as a distribution engineer, Mordican developed a green thumb, which led to a curiosity about growing hemp. From there, he consumed himself with the hobby of researching and understanding everything he could about how to produce the plant efficiently and effectively. 

Today, he operates his farm with the same hard work, innovation and commitment to be the best. Bigger than production, his true passion is to educate the masses on the hemp-making process while creating awareness for all the plant can do. As the State of Alabama Director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, he is committed to raising awareness for the medicinal uses of hemp. Likewise, Mordican continues to experiment with all the benefits and forms of the plant and plans to process his own flower someday. When he’s not tending to his farm, Mordican spends time with his wife of six years and three children. In the coming years, he desires to join the advocacy and awareness crusades for legalizing marijuana — but for now, he’s just happy to inspire others to pursue their own unorthodox dreams, just like him. 

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